Internet Safety

Using technology is a privilege not a right...just like driving a car.  There are rules to the road, and you must obey the law.  Speed limits, stop lights and safety belts are part of being a good driver on the road.  The rules of the road keep you and others safe.  The same is true for navigating technology, there are rules you should follow when you use technology to keep you safe.  When you know and follow these rules, technology will be a fun learning tool! 

Remember the Internet connects you to the whole world through your computer.  You wouldn’t run out of your house and go somewhere without your parents permission would you?   You should also always tell your parents where you are going on the Internet!  They always want to hear about the fun places you are visiting! 

Internet Rules

Some information is private and should not be shared over the Internet, this includes:

1. Your last name

2. Your phone number

3. Your address

4. The name of your school
5. A picture of yourself

* Sometimes a website will ask you to fill out a form that requires some of this information.  Before you fill it out, be sure to have a trusted adult look at the website and give you permission.

Parents and teachers always want to know about the fun things that you are doing on the Internet, be sure to tell a parent or teacher before you log onto the Internet.

*Thank you to Kelly Tenkely and Shaun Lund for the information for our page.