Mrs. Taylor's Class

Welcome 5th-grade leopards and their leaps to room 441 at Lake Ridge Elementary.  
Below you will find the standards we are learning this week.  We may not be perfect by Friday, but we will continue to grow as the year progresses!
This week, we will be learning:
SL.5.1 – I can express and reply to an idea during discussions.
SL.5.4 – I can speak clearly to present an opinion.
W.5.4 – I can produce a clear piece of writing
4.MD.3 – I can use area and perimeter formulas in a real-world problem (4th-grade review)
Social Studies
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
1. Social Awareness 3.0 - I can respect another person's perspective that is different from my own and can describe different points of view.
2. Relationship Skills 4.0. - I can actively listen and give respectful responses to opinions and ideas different from my own.
3. Responsible Decision-Making 5.0.  - I can contribute to the successful completion of group tasks through cooperation and compromise.
21st Century Skills critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication