Mrs. Taylor's Class

Welcome 5th grade leopards and their leaps to room 441 at Lake Ridge Elementary.   
**Please see Online Learning Information link on the right for specific class information concerning our school closure. 
This week, we will be learning:
  • I can quote from a text when explaining the meaning of the text and to support inferences or comprehension.
  • I can determine the main idea and summarize with key details to support the main idea.
  • I can find information from multiple sources to answer a question.
  • I can combine information from several sources to speak and write about a topic.
  • I can read and comprehend informational texts including Social Studies and Science.
  • I can demonstrate proper use of capitalization, punctuation and spelling in writing. 
  • I can create a clear piece of writing for an audience. 
  • I can use technology to produce and publish a piece of writing. 
  • I can multiply a fraction or whole number by a fraction. 
  • I can determine volume of an irregular shape. 
Social Studies
  • state reports
  • not a focus