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Welcome Letter


Lake Ridge Elementary is a beautiful school that opened in the fall of 2008. It is located at 615 Burke Lane. Our school mascot is the Leopard, and our school colors are gold and black. We take pride in the leopard way to be kind, respectful, responsible, and trustworthy.


There is a large playground with a fenced lawn for excellent play and social games that student participate in. The kindergarten children enjoy their own playground with a climbing structure and turf area that allow flexibility to move in and out of the classroom with ease.


We inquire and solve problems through innovation and project-based learning as teams.  We develop the unique strengths of students and build confidence in their learning styles through ownership of personalized learning.


We seek to build openness and partnerships with parents and the community to have a safe and caring school.  Parents and the community are welcome and encouraged to meet with and be involved in the school through planning with the school leadership team and principal.


At Lake Ridge, it is ok for students to learn, which means it is ok if they do not get things right the first time.  We create a place for students to take academic risks and invest in their learning through problem solving and overcoming their challenges.


As Lake Ridge Leopards we create a positive community and influence each other in uplifting ways. Our community is a better place because of the learning and work being done at Lake Ridge Elementary.  Each day a child is in school is a day that our future shines brighter.


We desire to support all students learning every day and ask that parents have children ready to arrive on time and ready each day. Creating a routine for children supports their learning and preparedness for school.


It is our goal to have meaningful and impactful learning experiences for your children each day they are in school. Our focus is developing projects that are meaningful and personalized to your child, their ownership of goals and achievement produce their personal success story.


 The partnership between school and home is critical for every student to be successful. Together we can create the best learning opportunities for students and develop wonderful relationships within the community.


Lake Ridge has a wonderful history, and we continue to write that story as we move forward into another school year. It is exciting to see how prepared we are to welcome your children to this wonderful school with such amazing teachers and staff. It is an honor to meet with you and I look forward to those opportunities we can build positive experiences together. Feel free to schedule a meeting with me or my staff to dialogue about the wonderful things we have planned for all students here at Lake Ridge Elementary.


 - Principal, John Carlisle