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We are providing current and future generations with innovative approaches to education through personalized learning.
Welcome Principal Jewels Carpenter!
We are happy to welcome Jewels Carpenter as this year's Principal of Lake Ridge Elementary. 

NSD at a Glance

  • 13,560 Spirited Students
  • 1,675 Committed Staff Members
  • 2,673 Dual Credit Courses Taken
  • 24 High-Quality Schools
  • 94 Square Miles of Superior Learning Facilities

Why Choose Lake Ridge Elementary?

We recognize that parents have an increasing number of choices in where their child is educated. Lake Ridge Elementary has developed a premier instructional approach that sets students on the pathway to college and career readiness. Through Project Based Learning (PBL), our students work cooperatively in the exploration of real-world challenges. The evidence of this can be experienced firsthand by attending one of our Exhibition events or by stopping by for a scheduled visit.    

NSD's Strategic Vision

Boy with glasses holds pencil while sitting at a single desk.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: The mission of the Nampa School District is to ensure high levels of achievement for every student.

Vision: Every student is fully engaged in extraordinary learning experiences, preparing for successful transition to the next stage of life.


PTA Meeting

Time: 7 PM – 9 PM
Location: LR Library

Upcoming Events


Show What You Know!

September 28th at 2:30pm. Join us and see what your students have learned!