#ThrowbackThursday - January 26, 2023

It's #ThrowbackThursday!
Step back in time to December 1918, when Nampa's student population was rapidly expanding. The school board was forced to take action and implemented the innovative "bungalow system," constructing small one-room structures at different locations throughout the city. One of these locations was Eastside, where a six-room school with an auditorium was built in 1937 by the WPA.
Eastside School
But the school's journey didn't stop there. Just a year later, the auditorium had to be converted into classrooms to accommodate the growing student body. Then, in 1949, four more rooms and a gym were added.
Eastside School
Fast forward to 1996, where students from Central were temporarily moved to Eastside to allow for a complete remodel of the school. Central re-opened as a K-6 elementary school, while Eastside was exchanged with the city of Nampa for other property and ultimately demolished.
Eastside Students
These photos are a special reminder of Eastside's history, courtesy of the estate of Clare D. Walker, a former Eastside principal and beloved educator who passed away in June 2022. Take a look and relive the memories of this important chapter in Nampa's educational journey.
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