Music PLT Meeting 27th Sep 2017

9/27/17 (Wed.) Music PLT (Professional Learning Team) @ Park Ridge

Elementary Music Participants:

Renee Corvo of New Horizons

Laura Bates of Greenhurst

Beth Tarter of Roosevelt

Sheridan Steffler of Park Ridge

Tony Bradshaw of Lake Ridge

Sara Neddo of Centennial

Adriana Sene of Endeavor

Laura Broderick of Snake River

Nicole Keller of Owyhee

Amy Olsen of Reagan

Barbara Rodenhiser of Central 

Diana Hale of Willow Creek


Missed Today:

Bill Weaver of Iowa



  1. We are thoughtful, positive, sharing members of the music PLC.
  2. We are deliberate with our time and considerate of other’s time.
  3. We are focused on our common goals for our students and for our pedagogy.


Opening movement from Nicole 

I Let Her GO-GO!

How To Sing "I Let Her Go-Go!"

 Tempo of "I Let Her Go-Go"

IEPs in the music classroom


IEPs and 504s and BIPS (Behavior Intervention PlanS):
1) All should have a copy of all.
2) Sign off

Any written work, follow all of the adaptations that are necessary. Lots of accommodations: Preferencial seating, time for assessment, reading to them, writing, etc.  Know which child.

Special Ed. students have equal 
accessibility as General Education students.  If they don't go, then nobody goes.  If need modification such as parent attend with them or an aid that would go along with the student.

Aid in room: Communicate your expectations.  They are great to help out and do what you want, so communicating makes that possible.

There are adaptive instruments for mallets/recorders.

Also great to know what goals they are working on and reinforce. For example, could have breathe control, and playing recorder could meet that.  

If musical instrument is listed as required on IEP or 504, the Special Education department would pay for it.

Specific scenarios discussed:
What of student playing marimba instead of recorder (due to dexterity issues)?  Works!
What of a runner and field trip?  Mom and dad could deny permission to attend. Can a parent or aid go with the child on the field trip? 

Curriculum 2nd and 3rd grade

Opera swamping with Carnival this year.
Wouldn't teach ballet/opera/musical theater this year because did last year in 2nd. 
Carnival of the Animals will be in 2nd and 3rd grade this year.

Opera Idaho

Caldwell Fine Arts Education Outreach:
Story tellers, school wide assemblies,

Verde Percussion Field Trip

Update numbers in file.

 Here is the link:



 Amy asked Sara of professional examples of poems (haiku, etc.). Sara doesn't show professional, but does read a lot of kids Silverstein, James Riley Witcom, and Betty Better Baught Some Butter.  Light and fun because 5th graders will respond with "UUOOUU!"  Response is, "Yeah, there are some poetry that I don't like."  And then share something by Alan Katz! :)

App to view all iPads of students at once. The app is called "Apple Classroom." Get app. Set up classrooms. Students go into settings and see the name and get a code. If can't load, reload/restart.  Set up took time, and now quick to see. 

Share from Barb with halloween and book called The Responsive Classroom for Music, Art, PE and other special areas:

Share from Amy of how to fix mallets. Use small dowel.  Indoor golf balls:

Glue in 1/4" dowels after drilling a hole. E6000 glue can be found in art section of a store.

Or just buy new ones:

Share from Adriana of different shapes, and thought to use to show form.  Kinder dealt with different timbres from different shapes. Composing with order to make the sound.  Mallet Madness inspiration to show the shape to play the instruments.

Update 3rd grade numbers:

If don't have copies of IEPs, 504s and BIPS, ask Special Education teacher and/or counselor.

Next meeting on October 11th at Centennial