Music PLT Meeting 25th Oct 2017

10/25/17 (Wed.) Music PLT (Professional Learning Team) @ Iowa

Elementary Music Participants:

Renee Corvo of New Horizons

Laura Bates of Greenhurst

Beth Tarter of Roosevelt

Sheridan Steffler of Park Ridge

Tony Bradshaw of Lake Ridge

Sara Neddo of Centennial

Laura Broderick of Snake River

Amy Olsen of Reagan

Barbara Rodenhiser of Central 

Diana Hale of Willow Creek

Bill Weaver of Iowa 

Missed Today:

Adriana Sene of Endeavor

Nicole Keller of Owyhee


  1. We are thoughtful, positive, sharing members of the music PLC.
  2. We are deliberate with our time and considerate of other’s time.
  3. We are focused on our common goals for our students and for our pedagogy. 


Opening movement from Tony

Instructions for Moving In Space:

Moving In Space (with Parachute imagined):

Orff Workshop Share


Recorders building from Recorder Karate with fingering chart.

Students learn G and E notes first.  Then add D.  This gets left and right hands playing and bottom line, 2nd line and below the line.  

Add letter A.  Reading those 4 notes.  

Add letter B and emphasize stem goes down.

Now have G pentatonic and discover G is resting tone.

Story by a phrase
Question and Answer
Answer to Question

Connie Van Engen workshop:

Exclamation Mark book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenhold

Advocacy/Respect for our programs


Tabled for next time: Come ready to share what the you have shared for advocacy/respect of music/teachers.


I can Statements:

Some put on board. This guides lessons with an introduction and conclusion to see if we are meeting the lesson's objectives.  Some Administrators are requiring them.  It has eliminated students questions, "Why do we have to do this!?"




BPO on March 1st.  Theme: Dances From Around The World.