MusicPLT 25 Apr 2018

Elementary Music Participants:

Beth Tarter of Roosevelt

Sheridan Steffler of Park Ridge

Tony Bradshaw of Lake Ridge

Sara Neddo of Centennial  Jared Sene Student Teacher of Centennial

Laura Broderick of Snake River

Diana Hale of Willow Creek

Adriana Sene of Endeavor

Nicole Keller of Owyhee

Renee Corvo of New Horizons

Barbara Rodenhiser of Central 

Bill Weaver of Iowa

Irina Rezanovich of Sherman 

Missed today:

Amy Olsen of Reagan
Ann Hutchinson of Greenhurst


Treats from Diana Hale

Sweet Sensations in Meridian (Corner of Linder and Franklin) Donut holes and strawberries.  



  1. We are thoughtful, positive, sharing members of the music PLC.
  2. We are deliberate with our time and considerate of other’s time.
  3. We are focused on our common goals for our students and for our pedagogy. 



Jared Sene has accepted the position as band/orchestra director at Lone Star.  Had student taught there, so the students know him.

Bill will have Sullivan Allen as student teacher next year in the fall.

Renee Corvo will be at Greenhurst (full time!)

Two openings Roosevelt and New Horizons

Roosevelt will be full time next year. Yeah!


Learning Targets – Which get assessed? Which don’t?

 At August Powering Up PLCs, we will look at the targets and work on common formative assessments.

TEAMS: this is where you will find the learning targets we made in August 2017.

Discussion for later, which learning targets to put onto the report card. We assume it will stay as is.

May put the wording* of the power standards in place of thecreatingperformingResponding  *Student Friendly wording


Nafme assessments already have common core standards attached.  These are for 2ndand 5thgrade, so could be a starting point to create for other grade levels.


Learning Targets to create assessment


I can present my musical idea to an audience
I can follow conductor
s cues AND I can sing with expression
I can share why (adjective) (music concept) is used in (style) of music



I can present my musical ideas to peers
I can sing or play with expression



I present music I created that is ready to share
I can sing/play with expression and accuracy
I can evaluate (music concepts) in (song name)


I present music I created that is ready to share.
I can sing/play expressively and accurately with appropriate interpretation.
I can explain why or why not (musical concept) fit (musical context)


I can create music that demonstrates craftsmanship
I can sing/play expressively and accurately with appropriate stylistic interpretation.
(Target same as 4th, but rubric will mention citing evidence
elements of music)

Grace Greeley will present in August and facilitate. 


Items to be covered in August:

Success criteria for creating: Certain rhythm? Length? Melodic idea? What aspect?

Supplemental Contracts and Expectations

Job Description from January 26, 1997 handed out.  Discussion will continue with Shelley on line items to change and update.  What can administrator’s mandate/require.  Stipend is for 3 performances and what it takes to put those on.

Lesson Shares

Bill shared double sided Velcro from Amazon:


Bill and Nicole will share next time

Questions and Concerns