MusicPLT 23May2018

Elementary Music Participants:

Sheridan Steffler of Park Ridge

Tony Bradshaw of Lake Ridge

Sara Neddo of Centennial  Jared Sene Student Teacher of Centennial

Laura Broderick of Snake River

Adriana Sene of Endeavor

Nicole Keller of Owyhee

Renee Corvo of New Horizons

Amy Olsen of Reagan

Missed today:

Ann Hutchinson of Greenhurst

Irina Rezanovich of Sherman 

Diana Hale of Willow Creek

Beth Tarter of Roosevelt

Bill Weaver of Iowa

Barbara Rodenhiser of Central 










  1. We are thoughtful, positive, sharing members of the music PLC.
  2. We are deliberate with our time and considerate of other’s time.
  3. We are focused on our common goals for our students and for our pedagogy. 


Camp fire at Target for $5 and stands on its own. In the knick-knack section.  Nicole built her own with tissue paper and fire sounds from phone and crickets on loud speakers.

 Names: Good luck!

Tony made videos of students in iMovie.

Pull names on tongue depressors

Call # (role #)

Page protector and vis-à-vis with roster inside and mark those who are done.


October 10thor 11thfor Verde
February 5thand 7th for BPO Children's Concert

As early as possible. 

Lesson Share from Sheridan Steffler

A Tale of Two Villages from Teaching With Orff

“Scatter” on board. What does Scattered mean?

Draw line

Draw circle

Draw dots

When I say that word, you’ll scatter. And they do it. 

Write 3 Blue Words that are Locomotor movement

Write 3 green words that are stationary movement.

Talk = you’re out!

Sit out and watch.

Play a bit, and then take it to level II:
Two groups. Boys and Girls:

Boys on hand drums and girls on ribbon wands. Which part drums?

Play and freeze when it’s not your part. 


Next level with cards to play along.

Older kids, so brought out 


Cello Wars*

Pool noodles and duct tape at bottom with electrical tape
Voices off or out.
Steady beat hitting. Then switch partners when the music changes.
Accordion do the patty-cake
Light saber under arm
Steady beat hitting to end.  

*Yes, movie showing.




Sara did Ballet of Unhatched chicks and looked at artwork with art pose, fold arms and “hum” and hold chin and “Hum”


Lesson Share from Laura Broderick


Did Alexander and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day (timbre)

The Napping House

Choose instruments.

Performed for Kindergarten

Starts with storm. 

Captains and Kings

Captains in charge of instruments

Did math. How many students? 7 teams.

Storm napping and sleeping.

Teacher says word.

Storm going on.

“There is a _____ house” (Napping/Sleeping)


Words on overhead. 


Written out Lesson:

Announcement“Making Rain” 

Object: experience using different types of instruments. Use instruments correctly. Follow conductor cues to help make different types of rain: Storm Light rain/or sprinkle and rainbow 

Materials: Instruments needed: 3 rain sticks, thunder tube, C drum, drums, claves, guiros, tone blocks, chimes 

Discuss and draw a picture of each of these 3 rain events Storm (thunder, lightning, heavy rain) Sprinkles/Light rain, Rainbow. Assign the different instruments below to the different events. 

Storm: Thunder tube/lightning, Drums/Thunder, Heavy Rain all instruments 

Light Rain/Sprinkles: finger-tip drum playing, guiros, tone blocks 

Rainbow: chimes 

Setup and Rotation: Students stay in their rows but make sure there is walking space between rows. 

*Ask Class Leader what instrument he/she would like to play before you distribute the rest below. 

Put the thunder tube at the end of row 3 (Please note that the thunder tube player needs to stand and be set off a bit to the side of row 3 so there is plenty of room to play it without the spring hitting anyone). Put the C drum and the end of row 1. Distribute the rain sticks 1 at the other end of each row. Choose where to put the chimes. Then call the remaining students up to get the remaining instruments in a pattern (skipping instruments already laid out): tone blocks, guiro, drums, claves. 

Explain the rotation and have students point: 

1st row rotates to their right with the last person pointing behind to row 2. 

2nd row rotates to their left with the last person going to row 3. 

3rd row rotates to their right with the end person (thunder tube) coming all the way up, kitty corner to take the Class Leader’s chair and instrument. 

You conduct at first using a yardstick to point to the different events on the board by pointing to your picture or instrument. Remind students to pay attention and only play when their instrument/sound is indicated by your pointing. When the yardstick is pointed down on the floor, all instruments should be quiet. 

Have students put their instruments down, stand and point to where they go next. Go there now and get ready. Remind them that “getting ready” is picking up their instruments and being ready to play but not playing yet. 

Invite the Class Leader to be the conductor. If Class Leader does not want to do this, they can choose someone else who would like to. Just make sure to alternate between girl/boy when you have new conductors. You can sit in the spot where the conductor left. I did this once and students did great conducting and played better when I was sitting with them in the Rain-making Band. Do this until 12:42 PM and then call by instrument to put away. Make sure students are quiet and listening for this first.



Another Announcements:

DO sending someone around to do inventories.  


How to store Ukuleles:
Against the wall, put two pegs in to hang from every few inches, and can hang 3 on each peg.

Puzzle on popsicle sticks:
Composer picture on front and mod podge and cut. Write names of composer on back of each.  

Sheridan will attach her rhythm paper to TEAMs

Amy will share a picture of her ukulele pegs

Laura plans to write up The Napping House lesson plan




Preschool Prodigies now has Primary Prodigies



The composer is dead

Laura uses in 4th. Tracking. Writing down instruments while listening to it. Introduction to orchestra.  Book has orchestra accompaniment. On youtube:

BSU Library rents out elementary instruments: (in children's center)

THREE (3) music position
New Horizons

Find online:
NSD Jobs / Applitrack

Powerup PLC

One sign up for the two times.  See you then!