Music PLT 11 Apr 2018

Elementary Music Participants:

Beth Tarter of Roosevelt

Sheridan Steffler of Park Ridge

Tony Bradshaw of Lake Ridge

Sara Neddo of Centennial  Jared Sene Student Teacher of Centennial

Laura Broderick of Snake River

Amy Olsen of Reagan

Diana Hale of Willow Creek

Adriana Sene of Endeavor

Nicole Keller of Owyhee

Renee Corvo of New Horizons

Ann Hutchinson of Greenhurst

Missed Today:

Barbara Rodenhiser of Central 

Bill Weaver of Iowa

Irina Rezanovich of Sherman 


  1. We are thoughtful, positive, sharing members of the music PLC.
  2. We are deliberate with our time and considerate of other’s time.
  3. We are focused on our common goals for our students and for our pedagogy. 


Opening movement from   

Warehouse Ordering Update 

Ordering chairs and risers:

If you want chairs/risers at 8am in the morning, then put the date before.
Beth gave map to custodian and they set up risers and stage for her.
5th grade crew trained
High School Volunteers through Columbia HS by Wendi Mortensen (Honor Society)

Lesson Share from Adriana Sene

Ostinato Lesson:
Intro to Orff:
Down by the Banks
Vocabulary "Accompaniment"
Age: 2nd grade +
CEFG (1, 2, 3+ )
"Down by the banks..."
Circle up half of class in center and play clapping.
Left on top. The last of the song goes onto an instrument.

Start accompaniment.

One, two ready sing

An osti-whatto?  A repeated rhythmic pattern.

Lesson Share from Tony Bradshaw

Circle Round the Zero:
"Freeze dance" to tune
Freeze in "zero" pose with lyrics
Circle holding hands and move as lyrics direct.
Learn to have one "it"

End of Year ideas 
Sheridan does last rotation with 3rd graders on recorders.  "sell" recorders for them to take it home and practice.
Bill does camp fire songs around his fake fire.
Ann shared idea of writing thank you notes to teachers.
Diane does a "party" and class with most points gets food.  Party: Talents first 15 minutes, games (love spy in the warehouse) (owl trap like London Bridge, but trap gets larger with each joined) (limbo), dance video.
Sara has done tinkling. can be done with large elastic bands, yet traditionally done with bamboo poles. 3 time: 1, 2 (hit down) 3 together
Amy mentions Kristin Lukow (Kristin Lukow (klukow) on Pinterest) who taught using elastic instead of buying the expensive chinese jump ropes.

Lesson Share from Tony Bradshaw

Spider and Flies

Flies = Hand Drums 


Phrases into rhythms:

I  am a spider = 1 2& 3 4

We are the flies = 1 2& 3 

I'm gonna get you = 1 2& 3 4

Just you try = 1 2 3


Spiders tap a drum to "catch" a fly (boomwhacker taps on drum)


Lesson Share from Sara Neddo

Aeloteric Timbre: poster with shapes to show "woods" "metals" and "skins".  
Idea from Mallet Madness by Artie Almeda