2018.Jan.24th Music PLT Meeting
Elementary Music Participants:

Beth Tarter of Roosevelt

Sheridan Steffler of Park Ridge

Tony Bradshaw of Lake Ridge

Sara Neddo of Centennial

Laura Broderick of Snake River

Amy Olsen of Reagan

Diana Hale of Willow Creek

Adriana Sene of Endeavor

Nicole Keller of Owyhee

Renee Corvo of New Horizons

Laura Bates of Greenhurst

Missed Today:

Bill Weaver of Iowa 
Barbara Rodenhiser of Central 



  1. We are thoughtful, positive, sharing members of the music PLC.

  2. We are deliberate with our time and considerate of other’s time.

  3. We are focused on our common goals for our students and for our pedagogy. 


Opening movement from Sara Neddo:

Sasha (music on Teams) and from Step Lively:


Partner dance, but a mixer.

Face partner: Point and say "Sasha! Sasha! Ras, Dva Tree!" (that's one, two three in Russian, but can choose any language.)

ll: Clap R, R, R
Clap L, L, L
Clap Both, Both Both
Knees, Knees, Knees :ll

R elbow swing on 8 give a "HEY!"
L elbow swing on 8 give a "Hey!"

Find a new partner: Hand up if no partner, then down if have partner

Clarinet solo tells you it's the last time!!

Announcements from Sara Neddo:

Jan 30th: Zupas night benefits Centennial
Columbia High School House Rock

Children's Concert 

Children's Concert on March 1st (sorry about confusion), and update numbers (if needed) to Sara 

Programs DOs and DON'Ts 

Amy performed on 5 gallon buckets, and needed enough for all of the students. Disaster of getting the instruments off the stage. Needed someone to help stack and move them off. Having a stage hand. Could have teachers help with that. 

12 days of Christmas the costumes and the girls throwing totos off the front of the stage.

Practice transitions.  Performance behaviors without talking. You're singing or your quiet.  Practice at performance. Lots of repetitions on transitions.  The power of the silence of standing without talking.

How many songs for each grade level?  
1st graders: 25 minute program. Not too short (12 minutes) and not too long (45 minutes)

Sara has speaking parts between the songs, so about 7 songs.

Time all the songs and then the transitions.  Program going 1.5 hours is TOO LONG.  Mostly parents like it shorter.

During day and during specials time at Sheridan's place.  Does them all on the same day.  This year is minecraft theme (sucked into computer and he goes through nutcracker land, unicorn land, fairy land, and )  and rotate columns. In the gym. One set up with chairs from district. Day before go through it.   

Each class does a dance and an instrumental piece.  Take a story and fill in with song. Have the kids help me write it.  

Aileen Miracle with the book Where The Wild Things Are

Purpose of program: A chance for kids to share what they are learning.

Do what you love:
If musical theater, then do the show with costumes and acting.
If instruments, then do the instruments!

MooTube on boomwhackers.  Spent hours putting on sheets. And then used power point and colors.  On the gym projector it showed no color.  Just moo, moo, mooed and didn't play the boomwhackers.:


Technology lets someone else do the work.

Veteran's Day: Whole school. How to set Veteran's to be visible and the students perform. Scouts as greeters.  Each grade level sing a song and then a couple whole school performance.

Address audience and set expectations.  At end, thank and gush over their children!

Toy Train in a Tin
 Share from Sheridan

Track and train. Call it a Locomotive.
Put on track and keeps going. It passes the station.
Station is where people get on and off.
Word cards: Jump

Locomotor versus Stationary.

Update on Carnival of the Animals/Ballet etc.

 Looking for feedback on 2nd grade doing Carnival of the Animals

Beth had a great time and they would pretend to be animals. Guess at what the animal was when hearing the song. 10 minutes on each piece each day.

Diana: Tempo, Dynamics, written notation, guess, and then moved like animal.  If loud, stand. If soft, sit.  Does it fit the animal.  2 animals per day.

Adriana got a file from TPT with "what are you hearing?" "How does it make you feel?"

Sara teaching 2nd and 3rd at the same time to see what would happen.  2nd has gotten it.  3rd into groups of 4 with a card with the name of the animal. Then how to act out the animal as a group. Play the song, and recognize the song and then do their action.  Kangaroo had a joyee in the pouch. Tortoises ending on their backs. The second graders have been able to do what I was afraid they couldn't.  At end, we do each class does a piece for own animal, notate on instrument in small groups.

Amy had them use playdough and mold what they thought the creature was.  Tiny ones from costco.

Ballet in 3rd (so might not be teaching it this year).

Jazz band will visit Amy's school after doing Revue by Plank Road.

Success Criteria

Start thinking about "What does a 3 look like in each standard?"  What specifically are we looking for?  What goes to mastery?  We need to talk and decide. 

Where to start?  Recorders. What does a 3 on recorders look like? Creating? Performing? Responding?  80% correct = mastery?  

Bring Recorder Rubrics to discuss next time.


Artifact for each area? What kind? Domains 1 and 4 need most artifacts.  One artifact can cover more than one area.  More discussion in the future.

FfT examples general music teachers K-8 version of Danielson's Framework.

Update Numbers (if major changes after Christmas Break) to Sara
Bring Recorder Rubrics
Amy will find and share FfT examples general music teachers K-8 version of Danielson's Framework.
Sheridan will share videos of listening maps that don't play on MACs.